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TOPIC: Recording a Demo COD4

Recording a Demo COD4 6 years 5 days ago #1003

The is for the Extreme server only. First make sure console is enabled - options / game options.
Spectate the player you want to record.
Press the ~ key to drop down the console.
Type in /record
The recording will start... you will see the info on the bottom left of your screen.
You can then press the ~ key to remove the console .
When you want to stop the recording drop down the console again ~ key and type /stoprecord
Look in your COD4 folder Mods/h4XRc5/Demos. Look for the last one that is there. Remember the name of the file.

I have Fraps installed so I make sure Fraps is running (you can setup how you want Fraps to record in the options)

Go to the main menu in COD4 and click on Mods , then highlight h4xRc5 and click launch.

Then drop down he console ~ key and type in /demo "name of demo - eg. demo0013 - should look like this :
/demo demo0013

The recording will start then press which ever key in Fraps which will start recording the demo as avi on your computer.
You can then press the same key to stop recording it with fraps. You could also use Bandicam instead of Fraps. If it is a short video and the avi file is not too big you can upload that directly to Youtube if you have good upload speed.

To stop playing the demo drop down the console again and type in /disconnect
Then you go to the folder that Fraps uses to put Movie recordings. The avi file should be there.
I use a free trial version of MacX HD Video Converter Pro for Windows. (there are other video converters you can use)
I then recode the large avi file to YouTube video setting.

When that is done you can upload the video to YouTube and copy and paste the link into this Forum.

If you want to record in FFA or WAR servers the demo that you recorded will be in the main / demos folder. Take that file and copy it to the mods / modwarfare / demos folder. To view the demo click on mods / modwarfare in the game and launch mod. Same as extreme drop down the console ~ and type in /demo "name of demo" . Then use Fraps or Bandicam . You can also record with Bandicam while you are ingame as it does not lag your game but the file size is large. You can also email the demo file to an Admin if you have slow upload speeds.
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Recording a Demo COD4 6 years 5 days ago #1004

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Recording a Demo COD4 6 years 5 days ago #1005

I suggest you do not use Fraps to record during the game as it is a resource hog and will slow down your game.
Use it when you are playing the demo.
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Recording a Demo COD4 5 years 10 months ago #1237

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If you are just trying to catch a hacker, I would find a quicker way to just screen capture live. But if you are trying to make cool high quality videos, then I would do the longer process and record in the console so there is no lag.

The best recording process can be very long, because you have to play back the demo after you play the game. For this I use the COD4 player which should be free if you search for it.

Next, you actually have to record the playback again with an outside program (FRAPS). Instead of using FRAPS, I love to use a program called DXTORY. Look it up because it's FREE and works great once you get all the settings correct (I have screen shots and setting saved for the ones that work for me). Note, this file can be 20 gigs for just one recorded game, so make sure you are storing it to a hard drive that is fast and has a lot of space. I record my videos with dxtory to an external hard drive with USB 3.0. I limit my FPS to 60, since that is pretty standard for video, 333 is way too much and 30fps has too much lag. I keep my resolution at 1920 x 1080p. These settings are all in dxtory.

At this point, you can edit your video in a program like Adobe premiere Pro, and export it out as an mp4.

If you are not going to edit your video, you should encode it again with a program like Adobe Media Encoder to an MP4 file (.H264 encoded) before uploading to youtube. Make sure you retain a decent bit rate (I like to use 24000 KBPS / 24 MBPS), to retain high quality. At this point, your 20 gig file might be compressed to a 2 gig file which looks just as good. You can actually skip this step and upload the large avi file to youtube which will automatically convert it for you. But it will take a long time. This step will depend on your computer processor and/or internet speed.

I'm actually recording all the time in the console just in case. It takes up very little space until you capture it with DXTORY as an uncompressed avi file, which takes up an enormous amount of space. I rename the files as soon as i record, so I know which video is which and I delete all the junk from my demos folder, only keeping the really cool stuff. Lately I've been doing trick shots like 360 spins in the air before I kill someone... These will be uploaded soon. You can see my COD4 playlist here to see the HD quality: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNiTwyUvl...JAtXeMD8f3eUgMQcOzsH
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