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TOPIC: Banned for the 4th time

Banned for the 4th time 2 weeks 9 hours ago #12654

  • Kater
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I dont know who banned me, but i got as the title says for:

"sorry i forgot to perm ban u for disrespecting the admin" -> i think thats a nice way to get rid of a decent player

1. There where no players with H4X tag to show that they are admins.

2. On the map bloc josephuz joined and he just hard camped at in the outside the swimming hall.
clays always protect his entrances. when he die, he instanly run to the same spot.

3. after he killed me like 6x in a row i asked him to not hardcamp - he refuses was just laughing i suppose

4. then i trapped him serveral times while he was moving in his camp spot - i was laying before the hall and insinde the pool.

5. till the map end i started friendly bunter by writing haha or a ) when i killed him, cuz he was constanly running permanantly to
the same spot. this was maybe a bit too much i guess :pinch:

5. the map changes and it comes backlot

6. after i joined the game and walked 1 inch i got instantly shooten from josephuz -> i moved away and throw a flash and
grenade. he didnt die, so i jumped around the corner and killed him. he accused me of hacking too after 4 or 5 minutes.
but i can say that he was standing all time still in the ruin or on the park deck with the garages when i got uav. So it is a easy
target. I only need too jump and kill him. 1x i just run on the left side the ruin up and throw a flash behind the couch, where he
was sitting next to him obv his 2 clays.

7. on backlot i stopped writing anything i suppose - maybe a " ) " after he accused me for cheating while i killed him 4x, when i
spawned next to him with uav and he was just not moving.

Waiting for response :)
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Banned for the 4th time 2 weeks 7 hours ago #12655

  • =h4x=Pred
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Please review your comments made to us from your last month, there you will see the 30day ban then the 90 day ban, then your perm ban.
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Banned for the 4th time 2 weeks 6 hours ago #12656

  • Kater
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Yes, my postings was a bit over the top after u banned me for rushing across the whole map where i died over 50x on vacant.
I was just heated up and make dumb statements after i get banned 2x before falsly. for this i want apologize

And in the 30 days i cant write anything cuz i was tb.

Yesterday i got autokicked cuz i wrote fu cking roof camper - when all are permanantly camping on broadcast in the balcony.
( i mean with balcony where u move in from outside the 2 stairways - u cant see instantly if there hide somone)

And today i was just in and it happens what i wrote below. he camped -> i started friendly banter after he killed me like 6x in a row
from the same spot. he started friendly banter too. so idk why i get again banned?

On the 12.2 i played a threw rounds on the ffa server and some report me for wh or something.
I recorded some maps if u want to look in it.

Since i play here i dont insult other players. I only asked friendly if they want to move a bit more.
If u want u can post here my insultings, but u wont find much, beside " fu cking campers" from yesterday.

I would like still to get unbanned if possible, cuz i didn´t do anything wrong.
I dont cheat, i dont change something in my cfg or something else.
I am just a normal player who wants fun while playing cod4.

Waiting for response.
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Banned for the 4th time 4 days 9 hours ago #12676

  • Kater
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Good evening guys,

I let the feelings calm down and haven’t looked in for 10 days. Now i see sadly no response from your side. I won’t annoy or hit anyone personal with my post.

I was only written down how unban applys are handled on our own clan. I am not in the position to make any statement how u should handle it and i want to say sorry if u pred or someone else feels attacked

I was writing with t.f 141 nicely due discord and i didn’t insult any admin
since I started playing on your ffa server. And i was not and i will not insult other admin or players. My most written thing should be “gg” or when I get accused of cheating... from half of the server ... - I am obviously defending myself - who would not?

I am a calm guy. The only thing that can hit me are hardcampers with there claymore toys.
For example, when u get 6x in a row killed like me on bloc, after u spawned from the same spot and died on the same spot, cause u can’t reach the hardcamper in his nest.

As I written at the top and last week. I was not insulting or won’t insult anybody. When anybody was feeld atacked I say sorry.

At the end, i still want to get unbanned,
cuz I rly like ur ffa server.

Waiting for response

PS: I only got tb for 30d and not 90d.
T.F-141 confirms this to me due discord -“I still see 1 month ban in ban list”
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