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TOPIC: Banned for Wallhack

Banned for Wallhack 1 month 1 week ago #10975

Good evening,
I have been playing on your Cod4 server for quite some time. It is pretty much the only place I play and I usually play in the evenings while listening to a pod cast or something... great way to decompress after work. I happened to be on today (Sun 1/19/20) in the afternoon hrs. There weren't may players on at the time. Someone manually ended the game before and sent the server into Wet Works. I assume that would be the game admin. At the beginning of the game I was sniped by =|h4x|=Levin from the most obvious of sniper positions and so I got out the sniper myself and took him out. I then proceeded to play with the sniper and shot him 4+ times in a row IN THE SAME SPOT. It got to the point that I would randomly just shoot up there because it was likely he was back...and not just him. There were 2 other guys shooting on the balcony too and I would randomly just shoot where they had been sitting often. No one said anything to me about hacking... truth is I don't even know how to hack in the game! I don't even care to do well in the game I just play every now and then and I don't care about stats. Most of the regular guys know me on the server. Some will acknowledge me from time to time when I get on. I am pretty sure that =|h4x|=Levin banned me for 30 days for "using a wall hack" that I don't even know how to use. No one was complaining about me hacking in the chat at the time of the ban... everyone seemed to be enjoying the game and things were pretty low key because of the low player count.
Like I said before, I pretty much exclusively play on your server and I am disappointed to not be able to play for the next month. Plz look into this and I would be willing to talk to someone in discord or something about this because I am a regular player and this shouldn't happen to honest regular players in game! My ingame name is Killerhawk14. I basically live in the server... I have an average ping of 15 usually... most guys comment on that. CAT used to know me but I don't see his name listed on the admin list. This is my first time on your site and I did this because I really enjoy playing and I would like to have the ban lifted.
Thanks much.
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Banned for Wallhack 1 month 3 days ago #10985

It's been 4 days now... no response and that is garbage. I will no longer play on your servers. I know you prob don't give to craps about it but I do and it's a pitiful thing that this even happened. Its a pitiful thing when someone gets banned without explanation, without recording, and without due process when it is contested just because some admin gets miffed for getting killed! Ill take the accusation on my game play as a compliment and its even better because I wasn't even trying to play well. I have only enjoyed my experiences on your server until now. If you can't act properly and tell the difference between a legit player and a hacker YOU SHOULDN'T BE AN ADMIN! On top of it, if you are going to ban someone and say that you can contest it, a response or supporting evidence should be admitted and given at the time of appeal not just ignoring someones complaint. The thing is, I am known on the server! lol I am known to be a good player and an honest player! This should never happen but I repeat myself...
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