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TOPIC: False Bans - A Test

False Bans - A Test 3 months 3 weeks ago #10368

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i found your servers by banter on the discord of my favorite cod community. The discussion was about false bans on h4x servers.
We tried it ourselves, all 10 Players were banned within 5 min playing (during diffrent times of the day each). Most of us are experienced players with a competetive background (Not professional, but we like to participate in tournaments).

The ban reasons were: aimbot, wallhack and for some "cfg edit" (Most players unlock their fps and set their fov to 80 to prevent headaches on a close display)

I whould like to start a discussion about your rules, specificly:
"Just because someone is a good player, doesn't mean they are cheating. If you suspect a cheater, make a demo to back up your claim and email an admin."

We can prove that your admin team often bans players that are simply better than themselves and not cheaters. I do not want to be mean or attack you for this. But i want some kind of improvements in this matter.

The following video shows me creating a new profile, connecting to your servers and getting banned. 1 take.
I created the new profile in order to prove that i indeed use the default config.

All the ban info in can be found at the end of the video. I whould like to request getting unbanned.

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False Bans - A Test 3 months 3 weeks ago #10371

  • =|h4x|=psyclone
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First of all, Yes we have some strict rules, the one that confuses most players is, we do not allow modified cfg files. If you are banned for modified cfg file, all you have to do is prove you are not using one downloaded from places such as cfg Factory, etc. I will also tell you straight up, our server is located in the U.S. you are in Germany and look how fast you are moving in your own video (Yes our server is modded so you can run faster). I have not seen you play though. We do allow some modification edits, but mostly we do not allow the downloaded cfg's. If you play in tournaments, you will know that players are disqualified all the time for modded cfg's and I will also say, Germany is one of the biggest offenders, Google it, you will find this is true. No offense intended, but I will explain this in a moment.

Some players download modified cfg's because they are advertised to help FPS, well we also do not allow fullbright, there is no reason to use fullbright here, game is over 10 years old, a smartphone is almost powerful enough to run COD4, almost all computers these days can run the game, using fullbright is just cheating. So I do know some players inadvertently install a modded cfg, we try to work with those people as long as they are honest with us. I can go on and on about modded cfg files. If you do not think a cfg can change the way a person plays, you are largely mistaken. Modded cfg's can allow a player to load their weapon faster, shoot faster, move faster, change the gamma dynamics of the game so they can see enemy better, heck they can even change the players colors so they are more easily seen. Make grenades explode with bigger damage range, or enemies explode less. Even aim better, they go on and on. Without going into details or specifics we admins have our way of detecting modded cfg's. Our succes rate is about 80% positive, and as I mentioned, every ban has info of where to go to appeal.

Back to our fast moving modded server. As you probably know, punkbuster is no longer in play, so we get many many cheats on our servers. Hence the reason we police it so much. I have been to other servers and they are full of cheats, this is one reason we maintain one of the best servers still in operation. We also PAY to run our servers, mostly from some good regular players and our own admins. The server is not free, we are not offering a paying service to anyone, so we will run it how we please. With that said, we have been getting DDOS attacked regularly for years from Germany. Mostly one person who says he has friends with the same goal, and that goal is to change our rules, I sincerely hope that person is not you or that you are part of that group. No one appreciates attacks to their servers strictly because someone does not like how we operate, that is just plain terrorism.

As far as players being banned for aimbot? Aimbots are pretty obvious, our server also auto bans aimbots. I suspect that you obviously know how to go around a ban, so you also should know that using a shared CD key is number one reason for bans here. You are simply using a CD key or IP that was previously banned, that could be one reason why your friends got banned.

Our admins have different levels of power on the servers as well, meaning some have access to better tools than others, when I ban a player I check all sorts of data, I check to see how many times the player has played, how many times does GameTracker show, I cross check IP's to see if player has changed their name. We have pretty extensive database that we can use. It's not like we just poof ban a player. Most of us admins go through a whole checklist. In your case, you now have 1 connection, you are running very fast and very good aim, I see no reason why the admin would not be suspicious. He is also giving you the opportunity to appeal the ban.

I would love to see your "proof" that admins just ban players because they are better than them, if you say that to me in game, I will find that very disrespectful, you are a guest here, you should act like one, we are giving you the privilege to play on a very good server. I can and will take action against disrespectful players.

As far as your unban goes, I will notify the admin that banned you and go from there. I appreciate you keeping this respectful and civil. Attitudes goes a long way here, and thank you for that.

Server Rules:

1. Cheating & Glitches is not permitted on the server. If you are caught cheating & glitching you will be banned without warning. This is your only warning, disable and remove any pathetic cheats. We play fair. If you accuse someone of cheating, you must make a valid argument or you will find yourself being kicked from the server. Just because someone is a good player, doesn't mean they are cheating. If you suspect a cheater, make a demo to back up your claim and email an admin.

1 a. Any exploits in the geometry or physics of the game will result in warning and ultimately you may be banned.

2. NO RECRUITING - We don't mind other clans playing on our servers, it's all about fun and numbers but we will not tolerate other clans stacking sides, advertising their clans,website and recruiting Players, if your clan is caught doing any of the above, you and your buddies will be banned.

3. Sex, Religion and Politics are not to be discussed at any point in time. We're here to game not to get in heated debates. Keep your opinions to yourself. Racism and other such offensive comments or opinions will be taken very seriously by the admins

4. NO WHINING ABOUT THE SERVERS! The admins decide how the servers are run, if you have some suggestions, you are welcome to post about them in our forum . We set up and monitor the servers, however as individuals may have ideas and wants for the server, we ask the members to respect our judgement for the good of the clan as a whole. If we can afford more servers through donations its possible, else we will not change the current popular servers everyone knows and loves.

5. IN-GAME CHAT - Admins will not tolerate the excessive use of in game binds and taunts. Consistently using binds or taunts is annoying and we will not tolerate it. We have and will kick players for being annoying. Please show some respect, it goes without saying that we do not wish to have any swearing on our servers.
6. Complaints! - If you must gripe - please PM an admin. If you have an issue with an admin or any other player, PM another admin.
7. Respect all other players on the server and on the Facebook. Any derogatory statements about members or the clan in general will be deleted.

8. Obey your admins... what they say goes so do not get yourself in a situation where we are forced to make a decision about your status and future on the server/facebook/in the clan.

9. We expect all members to understand that when they play they represent our clan as a whole and any behaviour which reflects badly upon our clan will be dealt with by the admins.

These are in place to ensure that everyone no matter how experienced a player or inexperienced a player that everyone can have a good time playing on our servers without a lot of juvenile behavior. We welcome players of all ages, nationalities and playing experience and want everyone to have a good time so please follow the rules.

These rules are strictly enforced and you break them at your own risk. Failure to obey the rules can result in a Kick or banishment without warning.
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