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TOPIC: Flase Ban

Flase Ban 6 days 11 hours ago #9660

  • Zypher
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First day on this server an I already get false banned in the first 5 minutes.

Name: Zypher|LS
Server: h4x eXtreme

I was banned for "cheating"
before all this had happened I got a 5 Kill feed and was immediately threatened to get banned, then they had seen I had rapid fire, in which I told them that its was my keyboard macro, they didnt understand what a Razor keyboard was and proceeded to call me retarded and i told them the model I have. My model comes with 5 Macro keys and you can set them to whatever and to repeat until let go. When I seen your forum rules I see nothing about "No Rapid Fire Macros".
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Flase Ban 6 days 10 hours ago #9661

  • =|h4x|=psyclone
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lol, is this a joke? Definitely not allowed, I doubt using a macro for trigger is allowed on any server. Thanks for proof of your cheating though ;)
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Flase Ban 6 days 7 hours ago #9663

  • yUnoSkill?
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Holy crap, stupid soundtrack too?
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Flase Ban 6 days 3 hours ago #9664

  • =|h4x|= essekiel
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  • "I see dead people"
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hahahahahhahahaha you and your 1 million keys mouse it's permanent banned from our servers, try to bypass your ban and i'll show you my 1 million ban keyboard.
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