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TOPIC: Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal 3 months 2 weeks ago #9268

So I joined the "=|h4x|=War 24/7" COD4 server for the first time today and got a 15 day ban for wallhacking, but this is a false ban. Pred spectated me and suspected me of cheating. I'm not exactly sure what made my gameplay suspicious other than shooting Attila through a fence by chance after hearing the gunshots. I know I gave Pred a bit of sass when replying to "We don't cheat on this server" with "always a good policy" instead of actually trying to defend myself, sorry about that. I just started playing cod4 again to pass the time, and I'm on a Macbook Pro. I don't even think there is such thing as cheats for the Mac version of COD4... I think the server is pretty dope and would like to be able to play again.

GUID: f781baa36a6f6d334c7040260d125182
Config: puu.sh/Do1Ny/77a9ab8723.cfg
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Ban Appeal 3 months 2 weeks ago #9269

Hey guys, so i joined the Cod 4 server "=|h4x|=War 24/7" under the name of xXshemarXx and was banned for 30 days because someone suspected me for using a modified cfg file and i don't even what they mean by that. Please this is practically one of the best servers i've played on in a while and i just want to play.I can assure you that i didn't modify any file, before i was banned a player said my performance in game had improved after it was bad before and i guess they thought i was hacking. I was just playing on the "nN| Crossfire TDM HC |" server and my ping wasn't that good so when i searched for another i found this. Its just me and my brother playing Cod and trying to have some fun his name was xXandelXx in the server and he got banned too almost at the same time as me maybe because we're on the same network idk. So plz can you guys look into it.
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Ban Appeal 3 months 2 weeks ago #9270

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Shemar, I see your post on clan h4x page, keep posting there
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