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TOPIC: Bad Moderation. Being False-Banned multiple times.

Bad Moderation. Being False-Banned multiple times. 2 months 2 days ago #12939

  • Bombac1Mulayim
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Hello, I am here to tell that moderation team is doing very bad job. I haven't played for while in server, I just came back to play on the call of duty 2 server, Just To GET FALSEBANNED AGAIN. I can do PC-Scan, Livestream, Screenshare. ANY WAY TO PROVE MY INNOCENCE?

Can you guys replace your moderation teams or warn the abusive staff member please?

I am here to defend myself this time, I can't take this anymore, I was silent for so long but They just give second chance JUST TO GET FALSEBANNED FROM THE SAME ABUSIVE STAFF MEMBER AGAIN INSTANTLY. An Admin false-banned me 3 TIMES, FOR CHEATING?! Are You serious? Even Once He didn't even let me explain. I asked him so I can screenshare on discord, He didn't even listened and muted me. That's LITERALLY ABUSE.

I swear to GOD that I never cheated in your server. But your moderation team doesn't asks people to screenshare or PC-Scan their computer before banning them for WHOLE MONTH. I WAIT MONTHS AND MONTHS GETTING FALSEBANNED EVERY 2-10 MATCHS I PLAY ON THE SERVER.

My Discord: GarbagMan#4955

I can let you PC-Scan or screenshare in the game. You should really fire that abusive staff member that bans me everytime without asking me to screenshare/pc-scan in-game.

This is ridicilous, Please fix the moderation system. My COD2 IGN: ^5Bombac1Mulayim
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Bad Moderation. Being False-Banned multiple times. 1 month 4 weeks ago #12951

  • Bombac1Mulayim
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It's been 3 days, Still nobody replied. Can I contact with the admin that banned me so I can play in the game while sharing my screen to him? And also you should add anticheat detection/protection system to server, So people require anticheat program to enter the server.

Aimbotters can be very easily detected.

No-recoilers can also be detected. I think.

But Wallhackers are hard to detect, some of them wall tracks. Some of them acts very innocently. But sometimes you never know if somebody is innocent or cheater. Unless they provide you the proof of innocence via Screenshare, PC-Scan, Livestreaming etc.

But If you don't let the innocent person to provide you evidence of their innocence, That just means staff members bans the people they want just because they got annoyed in-game.

I can use pistol in rifles&pistols only because it's a choice, strat. It's not even OP, I die like 50-90 times every match while also having big score.

I played this game since I was a kid, and this is the only server I always get falsebanned on. Even on OUTLAW, I don't get banned even if I play as same skill of moves in h4x. But H4X has special thing. It has far beyond every beautifulness of other servers.

But Only Bad thing is Moderation. If you ban somebody, they need to be %100 Cheating. Aimbots, No-Recoil etc. can be so easily detected.

But Wallhackers are hard to detect. If you are going to ban somebody. You need %100 Proven Evidence of The Person is Cheating.

But even if you are sure %99, There's still gonna be %1 chance that the person is legitimate and PRO at the game.

To ensure if somebody is %100 legitimate or %100 illegitimate, You need to contact with them to either Screenshare the game via Discord etc. or PC-Scan for any illegal cheats. This is how you should detect and ban wallhackers.

You need solid proof, or else you're just gonna keep falsebanning people like me.

I want to be cleared of any suspicion. So I want staff member to watch my gameplay a.k.a Screenshare via Discord or any other program. Or you can PC-Scan so I can get rid of this mess of suspicions about me.

Thank you for your patience, Staff members and other readers of this topic and reply. I hope you understand.

My Discord: GarbagMan#4955

My COD2 IGN: ^5Bombac1Mulayim | ^1STR1K3R
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Bad Moderation. Being False-Banned multiple times. 1 month 4 weeks ago #12952

  • Kater
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this is happening to me too - =|h4x|=T.F-141 is helping me rly much and good via discord,
but he is mainly not allowed to unban me, because only the admin who banned u are allowed to unban u.

And it is quit easy to see if anyone is hacking for an admin, if the server runs b3 or
something like it, that it does automaticly after thréw times screenshots from the player.
Plus the admin can do after for example using !pl 5 - !ss or !getts 5 and make a screenshot from the player.

I dont know if it´s getting used here, but normally it should and it should look like this,
where u can easily see if somoene have something or not.

cod4-server.info/?page=wallofshame this link is just a example from a other clan

And it would be nice, that my comment or my replay dont get deleted, like the others.

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Bad Moderation. Being False-Banned multiple times. 1 month 3 weeks ago #12972

  • =|h4x|=T.F-141
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  • Sami / Owl
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Hi, so let me get this straight......

1) You have been caught wall hacking and using an AutoClicker as well a few times.

2) When you got banned, you just skipped the ban and came back to game instead of waiting for the ban to end.

3) Other than hacking, your overall conduct in the game is not very good. You have been using abusive language a lot in the game.

And yet, you still continue to show the same behavior like you did before. Bad language, skipping bans, trying to fool admins, etc. So, on the account of all of this, we cannot allow you to play here.
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