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TOPIC: Rogue Admins and/or Threats

Rogue Admins and/or Threats 5 years 4 months ago #5678

  • TheLordsRifle
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Hello Dear Admins,

This morning, August 3rd, about 10am EST, I was playing CTFB on the COD2 2.8 server on the Toujane map.

Someone named ^6Vice stated to me, "if you do that again, I will ban you".
I had to ask him repeatedly what I did, and finally he told me that I was planting mines in the enemy spawn. Evidently ^6Vice does NOT understand that when you are playing CTFB on Toujane, there are numerous spawn points.

What he really was upset about was that I planted some mines near the enemy flag.

I have never in more than a decade of playing CTFB on COD2, had anyone threaten to boot me for planting mines near an enemy flag. This is absolutely preposterous. I play regularly with Oso, Kury, Scot, Yesica, etc. I haven't seen Luciano (Querubin) in a while, but he also knows me quite well too. They have NEVER had a problem with me doing that.

Furthermore, ^6Vice was killing me as I spawned at an ACTUAL spawn point.

After the threats, I asked ^6Vice for his actual h4x tag so that I could continue this conversation and come to a mutual understanding.

He refused, and told me it was "none of my business". This is somewhat equivalent to a police officer making up rules on the spot, threatening you with his new rules, and then refusing to supply his badge number.

As those of you who play with me know, I play fair. I do not cheat. I do not abuse mods. I often switch to the losing side to help make a good game, and most of all, I HATE CAMPERS. :)

I would appreciate someone confirming if inideed ^6Vice is an admin.

If he is an admin, it would seem appropriate for him to "wear tags", or at the very least when making threats to inform someone of his h4x tag when requested.

If he is not, I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

Most of all, I don't think I actually did anything wrong, except for slaughter him/her in the game. If I did indeed do something wrong, please, of course, tell me so I may rectify it.

Thank-you kindly,

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Rogue Admins and/or Threats 5 years 4 months ago #5681

  • =|h4x|=Takis
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Hello TheLordsRifle

we appreciate your reporting.
That guy is NOT =|h4x|= admin! He was just pretending that he is.
He is temporary banned for 10 days!
Thanks for reporting.Keep up the great behavior you already have.

p.s.: Would you like to join =|h4x|=Can? :)
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