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TOPIC: Band of Cowards

Band of Cowards 1 week 6 days ago #13673

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Glad to be permanently banned. Admins are childish and disrespectful to players. Policing rules that aren’t listed and calling shots without wearing tags to troll players into bans. Have some kids or get a security job maybe.

Recently a player mentioned that he would like the map rotation to be more of a diplomatic process, Player was nearly kicked for “talking politics”. So dumb. If players didn’t stand up to the abusive and retardation of GI Moe, he would still be raging when senior admin weren’t online. He kicked me for making it to the other side of the boat in Wet Work. Claimed that I was attacking the spawn! Everyone was like huh? Ezekiel playing language police. Pred [named after his pedophilloic nature] is only a child himself, it would seem by his comments and banter. Bones is just a jackass, bald, fat and lonely. Striver rules though!
Don’t throw nades into spawn points? haha Ya, careful where you throw grenades or you'll be banned. Nonsense.

Climbing and glitching. Not one admin can explain the rule or the difference in question but continue to enforce it with a heavy hand.Why? Great players, cowardly and ignorant admin. If being admin is your greatest lot in life I feel bad for ya. Grown men not being allowed to say things like “ass” or “fug" is fucking ridiculous. Low forehead middle aged gamers with axes to grind.
I have found a new place to play this game and it’s quite reasonable. Climbing and off colour language is tolerated and even encouraged.

=h4x= Blood Bath

p.s. Go fuck yourselves.
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