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TOPIC: can we talk??

can we talk?? 4 months 4 days ago #9861

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since when are admins so damned holy??? never!! i know many admins now think they are but get over it. i have alot of respect for admins or anyone who do their jobs correctly and efficiently. WE ARE YOUR GUESTS!! TREAT US LIKE THAT and we will get along dandy. i have been in a few clans over the 15 years. i have been playing cod and i am amazed at the holier than thou attitude that admins seem to adopt now. we always tried to balance teams as admins and as clan members. ALWAYS!! WE would wait for teams to form before we joined so we would not be stacked on or if we were we would forcespec to change teams and make them more competitvely challengling. i am sorry if your feelings are bruised because you did not think of us as your guest, well maybe i am not . WE ARE YOUR GUESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or dont you believe in such. i get a 10 day ban because an immature admin is called out for not trying to make teams more competitive???? thats a load of crap. maybe if the servers would skype prospective admins and require photo ids at same time they could avoid immature behaviour like that. ESSEKIAL YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING AN ADMIN NO WAY NO HOW!! this server has 3 good effectual admins--PSYCLONE, PRED, AND SIPKA, and SOAP when hes around, and that's it. this is the second time that turd essekial has banned me for 10 days because i called him out this last time and because he THOUGHT I DISREPECTED HIM THE FIRST-which i did not ! if you are not mature enough to take constructive criticism or appreciate an honest and fair player's concern about fair play on your server then you need to grow up. WHERE ARE THE SERVERS OWNERS AND WHY ARENT THEY MONITORING THIS NONSENSE
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