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TOPIC: BANNED for Arguing with a CID Aimbot Hacker

BANNED for Arguing with a CID Aimbot Hacker 1 year 4 months ago #11884

I would like to appeal my permanent ban from your site.

I DO realise that I vented my frustration here, maybe because I generally LAG ( ... way too much ) when playing and especially when confronting an enemy, shoot him first and ... dying due to an obvious timing delay or ping, ( ...which is obviously not favorable to me).

I also use an old MacBook ... and I know there's no updates for the game in MacOS, ... which doesn't help much either.

I apologise for not being able to cope with this aspect of my game and I promise not to do it in the future (...and I also know this will be very difficult for me ...)

But I really enjoy your site and I'm sorry for my behaviour in the past and will try very hard not to get upset ... in the future ...

I confronted an aimbot hack with CID tags that kept coming back with different CID numbers ( I feel sad ... for that was a great clan ...)

and I got carried away complaining against him .... (since he made the game unplayable ... AND FRUSTRATING TO ALL PLAYERS) ... so I vented a lot of abuse against him...

I assume this to be the reason for the ban (and my past behaviour) ...

I just wanted to make this evident on the chat by complaining ... (about his cheating attitude) and get him banned ... But ... I got myself banned for doing so.

I know ... I lag a lot ... but please understand that it is even more frustrating ... to play a game here (badly) ... and have that sort of player ... come in and ruin the game ....

I am truly regretful of my conduct and would like you to reconsider your decision regarding my banning.

I enjoy your site ... it is very entertaining.

I promise to reform my venting attitude, bite my lip, calm down and just play ... if you would allow it.

Thank you for your time ...

TEMPUS FUGIT ...(Time Passes)
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BANNED for Arguing with a CID Aimbot Hacker 1 year 4 months ago #11886

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Hi, the ban has been removed.

Avoid any abuses and also don't use CID in your name because we have system to ban that hacker when he joins server. It will also get you banned.
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