=|h4x|=War 24/7 CoD 4

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=|h4x|=FFA CoD 4

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=|h4x|=eXtreme #1

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=|h4x|=TDM CoD 5

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=|h4x|=eXtreme v2.6

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=|h4x|=eXtreme #2 v2.8x

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Clan h4x


Demo Content=|h4x|=eXtreme #1

Server IP -

=|h4x|=eXtreme #1 Server Clan <<h4x>> Mod eXtreme+ v3.0
Demo Content=|h4x|=Zombies

Server IP -

=|h4x|=Zombies !! Server Clan<h4x>Mod BotZombies .:: Difficulty: Impossible(4) ::.
Demo Content=|h4x|=eXtreme #2

Server IP -

=|h4x|=eXtreme #2 v2.8x 
||By www.Clanh4x.cf
Demo Content=|h4x|=(Weapons CoD4)

Server IP -

Server Clan<<h4x>>Mod eXtreme (Weapons CoD4) 

 =|h4x|= Tags

#Tag Name
1 =|h4x|=CoD4 Tag ^2{h4x}^3Name Everyone, 25 hr Play fb Click Here to Apply
2 =|h4x|=Zombie Server ^^00=|h4x|=^^11Name
Everyone fb Click Here to Apply
3 =|h4x|=Normal Tag ^^00<h4x>^^33&&1^^11<Name>
Everyone, 25 hr Play fb Click Here to Apply
4 Team =|h4x|= Tag Team^4h^74x@^1Name^7.cod^42 3 Months in Clan fb Click Here to Apply
5 =|h4x|= Yellow Tag
(Alternative Team h4x Tag)
^^30{h4x}^^03&&1^^30{Name} 3 Months in Clan fb Click Here to Apply
6 =|h4x|=Green Tag ^^22[h@x]^^77&&1^^22[Name]
6 Months in clan fb Click Here to Apply
7 =|h4x|=Black Tag ^^00|h4x|^^55&&1^^00|Name|
1 Year in Clan fb Click Here to Apply
8 =|h4x|=Pro Tag ^1''^7h4x^1#^9Pro^1~^7Name^1* Match 1v1, invitation only fb Click Here to Apply
9 =|h4x|= temp. Admin Tag ^^57|h4x|^^75&&1^^57|Name|
10 =|h4x|=Admin Tag ^^11|h4x|^^77&&1^^44|Name|


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